Big Sky Landmann Outdoor Firewood Racks (4 FEET) - $59.99

Putting up firewood for the winter is hard work and you deserve to enjoy the warmth and light that work provides. These powder-coated, 1-1/4 tubular-steel frame firewood racks eliminate messy piles of firewood. Remove logs in confidence, knowing the next one you pull out wont collapse the side of the pile. They also keep the bottom row up off the ground where moisture and insects can cause the wood to rot. And elevated lower row will also cut down on six- and eight-legged hitchhikers when you bring the wood inside. 8-ft. rack includes a custom-fitted cover to keep logs dry. Available: 8-ft. Rack and Cover Dimensions: 95-1/2L x 13-1/2W x 49H. Weight: 26.5 lbs. 4-ft. Rack Dimensions: 47-1/2L x 13-1/2W x 49H. Weight: 17 lbs. Size: 4 FEET. Type: Wood Storage & Log Racks. - $59.99