Lamiglas G1000 Salmon/Steelhead Casting Rods - Natural - $174.99

Fish With Confidence. It's not just a tag line. It's a mindset. A state of ultimate contentment achieved only when every factor within your control is controlled with absolute flawlessness. The cast. The presentation. The strike. The hook set. The fight. And the victory dance. All acted out just as you choreographed it in your mind a thousand times. This kind of foresight comes with every Lamiglas rod we sell. It's perhaps best explained, however, by the tens of thousands of anglers who already own one. Look for them next time you're on the water. They're the ones with a fish on the end of their line and confidence written all over their faces. Lamiglas G1000 Casting rods are some of the most popular rods in the Lamiglas lineup. The first-generation graphite, coupled with an improved resin formula makes for fast actions and improved sensitivity over comparable graphite construction. Each rod boasts Fuji guides and a cushioned hood reel seat for dependable performance. And the blank on each of these casting rods has a hand-polished natural graphite finish. The result is a noticeably lighter rod that has a quicker action, while maintaining the reputation for rugged performance G1000 rods are known for. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length. Color: Natural. Type: Casting Rods. - $174.99


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