Kolpin Rhino Grip Gun Mounts - Single - $24.99

Keep firearms, fishing rods, tools and other equipment secure and in place as you transport them on the roughest backcountry trails. Superior gripping power and cushioning support cradles your equipment, reducing side-to-side movement as strong, flexible static grips with rubber straps (not shown) hold it in place. Mount easily to existing tubular and composite racks on the front or back with included mounting hardware. The heavy-duty base on the UTV model provides multiple orientations to accommodate UTV roll bar diameters from 7/8 to 2 . You can also mount it on any vertical or horizontal surface such as your UTV cargo bed or even a garage wall. The flexible grips are adjustable to tilt between 0 and 180 in 45 increments, and they're capable of holding equipment of various sizes and shapes. Per pair. Available: Single Gun, Double Gun, UTV. Color: Single. Type: ATV Gun Mounts. - $24.99


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