Knight Hale Coon Squawler Raccoon Call - $12.99

Draw raccoons out of hollowed old oaks, ground burrows, brush piles, rock crevices, dense undergrowth, and other favorite hiding spots with the Knight & Hale Coon Squawler Raccoon Call. This reed-type raccoon call produces the distinctive sound of a fighting coon to draw other raccoons out to investigate. Giving you more volume than other comparable coon calls, this will make your nighttime raccoon hunts even more successful. This call features a new design that delivers better ergonomics and ease of use, with an ergonomic barrel that threads into the shortened end piece for ease of disassembly. Its redesigned wedge, reed and sound board create a reed that locks into place for sure reassembly every time.Manufacturer model #: KHSG1000.Draws raccoons out of their hiding spots Produces the distinctive sound of a fighting coon. More volume than comparable coon calls. New compact design for easy assembly and disassembly every time - $12.99


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