Knight Freedom Series DISC Extreme .50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle - $474.99

Knight Freedom Series DISC Extreme .50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle. Revolutionary performance at an outrageously low price. 100% American manufacturing, 100% American quality, and 100% American accuracy at a price YOU can afford... that's what the Freedom Series is all about! It's traditional shooting excellence at a price that'll leave you enough for a few extra horns worth of powder.The Freedom Series DISC Extreme delivers the best in ease, waterproof toughness, and superior knockdown power. And it comes with a match-grade Green Mountain individually crafted barrel, for uncompromising quality in safety, accuracy and dependability. In fact, this Rifle carries Knight's 200 Yard Guaranteed Accuracy. A guarantee of a 4" 3-shot group at 200 yards when using Knight superior bullet technology.Details:100% American-made, from the individually-machined bolts, to the stock and barrel. Quality craftsmanship and superior reliability only American-made can deliver Handcrafted 26" Green Mountain barrel - among the safest, most accurate, and most reliable in the world The original DISC Extreme 209 shotgun primer ignition system. The Full Plastic Jacket design assures it'll fire, no matter how nasty the weather conditions 200-yard Guaranteed Accuracy... Knight guarantees a 4" 3-shot group at 200 yds. with a developed load using select Knight ammo Fully-adjustable trigger (creep, pull weight, and over-travel) Lightweight black polymer stock 1:28" barrel twistMeasures 45" long, weighs 8 lbs., 8 ozs. - $474.99