King Canopy Universal Enclosed Canopy - $359.99

This universal canopy from King Canopy with enclosed walls is perfect for camping, parties, or even protecting your car. The 10' x 20' polyethylene canopy comes with a white drawstring cover and wall kit to enclose the unit. Consists of a plain end wall, a zippered end wall and 2 side walls. Canopy's six windows with privacy curtains help brighten inside for parties, camping, or any other needs. Durable and strong frame consists of eight 1-3/8'' powder coated steel legs and roof. Center height: 9'9inch. Side height: 6'8inch. Exterior dimension: 10' 8''W x 20'L. Weight: 130 lbs. Imported.Great for camping, outdoor activities, or even car storage. Comes with white drawstring cover and wall kit8 leg steel frame. Three windows per wall with privacy curtains - $359.99


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