kidsKNOW distribution Superheroes Of Stoke - DVD - $16.77

For their 20th year, MSP presents Superheroes of Stoke, a movie that highlights what's changed in skiing over the last two decadesas well as what's remained the same. Through gorgeous cinematography and breathtaking locations, Superheroes of Stoke displays where skiing is today, and also reminds us why we all keep doing it. Featuring Mark Abma, James Heim, Ingrid Backstrom, Riley Leboe, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Gus Kenworthy, Richard Permin, PK Hunder, Sean Pettit, Michelle Parker, Cody Townsend, Jacob Wester, Aidan Sheahan, Logan Pehota, Leo Ahrens, and Sam Anthamatten. Also featuring legendary cameos from earlier generations of the MSP universe: Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison, Wendy Fisher, JP Auclair, Mike Douglas, CR Johnson, Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard, Hugo Harrisson, Sarah Burke, and many more. - $16.77


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