Kids' Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots - $74.95

Keen is here to sing lullabies to your hiking child with their Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots. A waterproof membrane keeps moisture out whenever your little one decides to tread through puddles and streams, while a hefty outsole provides traction on rugged trails. Coming in a range of earthy tones, the Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots carry your child from trail to street in style. PRODUCT FEATURES: Lining: Waterproof breathable lining Rubber: Non-marking rubber outsole Upper: Leather and textile Non-marking rubber outsole Secure fit lace capture system Waterproof breathable membrane Waterproof leather and textile upper 1011748 , keen Kids Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots , Kids Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots keen , keen Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots , Pagosa Mid WP Hiking Boots keen , keen pagosa , keen kids boots , keen kids hiking boots , keen boots , keen hiking boots , keen kids waterproof boots , sp15 , pagosa keen , keen pagosa mid , pagosa mid keen , keen backpacking boots , keen walking boots , keen hikers boots , keen lace up boots , keen laced boots , keen outdoor boots , keen footwear , keen back packing boots , keen trekking boots , keen kids backpacking boots , keen kids walking boots , keen kids hikers boots , keen kids lace up boots , keen kids laced boots , keen kids outdoor boots , keen kids footwear , keen kids back packing boots , keen kids trekking boots , keen childrens backpacking boots , keen childrens hiking boots , keen childrens walking boots , keen childrens hikers boots , keen childrens lace up boots , keen childrens laced boots , keen childrens outdoor boots , keen childrens footwear , keen childrens back packing boots , keen childrens trekking boots , gore boots , gtx boots , gore-tex boots , goretex boots , gore tex boots , gore hiking boots , gtx hiking boots , gore-tex hiking boots , goretex hiking boots , gore tex hiking boots , waterproof hiking boots , winter hiking boots , kids gore boots , kids gtx boots , kids gore-tex boots , kids goretex boots , kids gore tex boots , kids gore hiking boots , kids gtx hiking boots , kids gore-tex hiking boots , kids goretex hiking boots , kids gore tex hiking boots , kids waterproof hiking boots , kids winter hiking boots , childrens gore boots , childrens gtx boots , childrens gore-tex boots , childrens goretex boots , childrens gore tex boots , childrens gore hiking boots , childrens gtx hiking boots , childrens gore-tex hiking boots , childrens goretex hiking boots , childrens gore tex hiking boots , childrens waterproof hiking boots , childrens winter hiking boots , boys gore boots , boys gtx boots , boys gore-tex boots , boys goretex boots , boys gore tex boots , boys gore hiking boots , boys gtx hiking boots , boys gore-tex hiking boots , boys goretex hiking boots , boys gore tex hiking boots , boys waterproof hiking boots , boys winter hiking boots , boys backpacking boots , boys hiking boots , boys walking boots , boys hikers boots , boys lace up boots , boys laced boots , boys outdoor boots , boys footwear , boys back packing boots , boys trekking boots - $74.95


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