Kid Casters Jimmy Houston No Tangle Fishing Rod for Kids - $27.99

No more tangles, no more line bunching. Just more fishing with the Jimmy Houston No Tangle Fishing Rod for Kids from Kid Casters. For hours of hassle-free fishing, the line feeds through the center of the rod's shaft, eliminating any possible obstruction with guides or rod tip. The No Tangle rod measures 34inch. A 3.1:1 gear ratio reel is pre-spooled with 6 lb. test line. A sponge fish training lure transforms instantly into a large colorful sponge fish when cast into the water. Sponge fish can be recast over and over for fun and practice. Also included is a practice casting plug and safe plastic hook. Simply tie the hook onto any fishing line and easily clip it to the casting plug or training lure.34inch No tangle fishing rod3.1:1 gear ratio reel with 8 lb. line. Safe plastic hook. Easy clip-on casting plug. Transforming sponge fish training lure - $27.99


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