Joe Bucher ShallowRaider - Chartreuse - $21.99

Designed by hall-of-fame angler Joe Bucher to catch a variety of game fish in shallow water. It targets big muskies and pike cruising over weed flats or along rock walls and shorelines. Flat sides and a square lip create an enticing side-to-side wobble. Twitch it just below the surface or crank down to 3 ft. Keep the lure shallow over high weeds using short jerks and longer pauses. For side-to-side action, perform a jerk motion with some slack in your line and allow slack during the pause. Durable plastic construction with internal rattles. Per each. Size: 7, 1.7 oz. Colors: (001)Chartreuse/Orange, (002)Blue Smelt, (003)Crawdad, (212)Baitfish, (276)Black Perch, (304)Chrome Perch. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Crankbaits. - $21.99


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