Jackall iProp - $14.99

Looking for the ultimate finesse bait? The Jackall i. Prop is a sinking, double-prop bait which expands on the I-Motion fishing technique. The i. Prop was created to fish multiple levels of water, from just below the surface to targeting bass in the middle range. The lure's horizontal position creates a realistic appearance. At the same time, the carefully placed props keep the lure stable under water. Twin props create vibrations that mimic those produced by baitfish swimming unthreatened. These props also provide the ideal resistance when retrieved to keep the lure in the hit zone longer. A rear hook eye virtually eliminates tangles with the hooks and prop, allowing you to cast out and fish without worry. An inner-scale design produces a different flash, attracting bass from a distance.The ultimate finesse bait2 props. Rear hook doesn't interfere with the prop. Prop provides moderate resistance to keep lure in the strike zone longer. Prop setting keeps lure horizontal - $14.99