Jackall Flick Shake Worm - Watermelon Pepper - $5.49

Japanese fishing pros Toshiro Ono and Takuma Hata developed a fishing technique a few years ago to finesse finicky bass into biting. Then they used the technique to win the 2007 BASS Lake Amistad co-angler title. The technique is flick shaking, and this plastic worm was developed specifically for flick-shaking presentations. Built-in curves result in more fish-enticing action than other plastic worms, especially when paired with the weedless Wacky Jig Head (sold separately). Sizes: 4.8 - Per 8 5.8 - Per 7 6.8 - Per 7 Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin Pepper, (002)Green Pumpkin Candy, (004)Watermelon Pepper. Color: Watermelon Pepper. Type: Worms. - $5.49


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