ITC Marine Luna Diffused LED Tape Light Kit - $299.99

Ideal for applications where spot-free illumination is required, the Luna Diffused LED Tape Light from ITC Marine offers neon-like illumination for a soft and appealing light output. The flexible Diffused Tape Light serves as ideal accent lighting and has a plastic mounting channel designed to mount with screws. Perfect for under-cabinet lighting applications. 48 LEDs per foot. Lumen output: 190 LM/ft. Wire size: 18 AWG. Voltage: 10-14V DC. Total wattage: 3.75 watts/ft. Soft, appealing light output. Neon-like illumination. IP66 rated watertight for marine and RV applications30,000 hours estimated life. Plastic mounting channel mounts with #4 flathead screws. Kit includes:2 pieces of 16' blue Diffused Tape Light18 pieces of 2' Tape Light Channel100 count of #4 flathead 1/2inch screws. ITC Marine Luna Diffused LED Tape sold separately and can be found through item search for number 2126591 - $299.99