It Happened at Grand Canyon - $14.95

It Happened at Grand Canyon is a well researched and easy to read history of thirty episodes that shaped the history of the Grand Canyon. From the vanished explorers of the 1869 Powell expedition to the airlifting of 580 feral burros, It Happened at Grand Canyon offers a unique look at intriguing people and episodes from the history of the colossal and colorful gorge carved by the Colorado River. Learn about the disputed first trip through the Grand Canyon- supposedly by James White on a driftwood raft. Find out how an airliner collision over the canyon led to the formation of the FAA. And meet honeymooners Bessie and Glen Hyde, whose disappearance in the canyon has remained a mystery for nearly ninety years. In an easy-to-read style thats entertaining and informative, author Todd R. Berger recounts some of the Grand Canyons most captivating moments. - $14.95


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