IQ Bowsights Ultra Lite 3-Pin Bow Sight - $89.99

IQ Bowsights' lightest and most affordable bow sight, the Ultra Lite 3-Pin Bow Sight combines ultralight construction with Retina Lock technology to give you better range and confidence. Made of a lightweight fiber polymer covered with a silent coat finish, this sight delivers great impact resistance without weighing your bow down. Packed with .019 fiber optics, this sight features 3 stack tight pins for fast and easy targeting. Sight also features a built-in sight level to help you get sighted in faster. Dual position mount lets you match the Ultra Lite to your shooting style. Compatible with rheostat sight light (not included).Manufacturer model #: IQ00342.Ultralight 3-pin bowsight with Retina Lock technology. Strong and light fiber polymer construction3 stack tight pins with .019 fiber optics. Retina Lock Technology - ensures perfect sight alignment for perfect shots. Built-in sight level. Dual position mount. Retina Lock. Retina Lock instant feedback Technology helps eliminate the accuracy problems caused by a slightly torqued bow or misplaced anchor point, helping you sight in true on every shot. This system uses a moving dot to help you ensure perfect sight alignment as you sight in, helping you develop better muscle memory, form, and consistency to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. - $89.99


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