Innovative Watersports Fluzzle Tube - $34.99

The Innovative Watersports Fluzzle Tube is perfect for tubing down the river or playing in the lake or pool. This intelligently designed, 61inch diameter float tube is shaped like a puzzle piece so that more than one of them can be linked together. Its interlocking ability will keep multiple tubes fastened together in a stable, structured formation without the need for attachment ropes or manual inchholding on.inch The Fluzzle Tube is made from heavy 16-guage vinyl made with NO TOXIC CHEMICALS and features 2 heavy-duty handles, 2 cup holders, 8 clips, and a quick-release valve that deflates it in less than 60 seconds. Tubing enthusiasts, float trip veterans, and swimming pool junkies will love the Fluzzle Tube-get yours today!Float tube is shaped like a puzzle piece for easy interlocking. Heavy 16-gauge vinyl2 vinyl handles2 cup holders8 clips. Quick-release air valve. Includes a repair patch. Innovative Watersports was started to provide people with water toys that are safe for families because they aren't composed of toxic chemicals. By removing lead from the printing process and harmful phthalates from the vinyl used in the products' construction, Innovative Watersports has created a new standard for the watersports industry. - $34.99