In-Fisherman Freshwater Rigs and Riggings Book - $12.95

This In-Fisherman ?Freshwater Rigs and Riggings? guidebook covers an impressive variety of rigs, including Carolina, Texas, and Florida rigs; float rigs; European rigs; and much more. ?Freshwater Rigs and Riggings? features detailed illustrations that depict how to set up and fish each rig. This insightful book also covers rods and reels, connections, line, knots, hooks, and baits. Softcover, 98 pages. Made in USA.ISBN-13: 9781892947499.Hundreds of selected and refined rigs for every species. Written by In-Fisherman editors. Detailed illustrations show how to set up and fish each rig. Detailed information on line, connections, knots, and more - $12.95


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