ima Little Stik Hardbait - $10.99

The ima Little Stik is no teensy morsel. In fact, it's the perfect size for tournament fishermen who are looking for both numbers and kickers. ima's high-tech lunker-killer can walk the dog, pop, sputter, and spit with the best of them, and it will catch anything that swims. The unique rear weighting makes the Little Stik a dream to cast, as the lure will almost always land in position to start your retrieve immediately. And once it starts to walk, depending on your aggressiveness, it will actually throw water as much as 2' ahead of your lure. What self-respecting bass could lay off that?Perfectly sized for tournament fishing. Great for both numbers and kicker fish. Can walk the dog, pop, sputter, and spit. Throws water up to 2' ahead of your lure. Rear-weighted; always lands in correct retrieving position - $10.99


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