Iland Ilander Lure - Black/Blue (UNRIGGED) - $21.99

The Ilander has gold eyes and lustrous nylon fiber skirts for fish-attracting flash and action. Weighted bullet heads for faster trolling speeds. Per each. Size: 8-1/4, 2-1/2 oz. Colors:(001)Black Head/Black Plum, (005)Blue White with Mylar,(057)Blue/White, (130)Blue/Pink, (200)Red/ Black, (205)Dolphin with Mylar,(220)Black/Plum, (500)Black/E-Red,(550)Pink/E-White,(746)Blue Head Black/Blue,(800)Dolphin,(847)Black Head/Black,(895)Blue/Pink with Mylar,(900)Black/Red with Mylar, - $21.99


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