Ike-Con Big 8ight Two-Pack - Chartreuse - $6.49

Its curved design offers a rolling action on slow retrieves. Scented for added attraction. Rigged with three weedless hooks and a monofilament leader, this oversized lure hooks more fish, more often. Per 2. Made in USA. Size: 8. Colors: (016)Candy Grape/Firetail, (036)Watermelon Chartreuse, (056)Crawfish, (102)Black, (106)Aarons Magic/Red Flake, (112)Grape/Firetail, (124)Grape/White Spots, (140)Grape/Glow, (190)Nightcrawler, (206)Red Shad, (281)Candy Watermelon, (306)Margarita Mulilator, (606)Black Light,(706)Plum, (846)Green Pumpkin/White, (926)Houdini. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Worms. - $6.49


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