Ike-Con 6-1/4 Pre-Rigged Worms Two-Pack - Green - $4.99

The Ike-Con 6-1/4 Pre-Rigged Worm are hand-poured, premium-quality and made in the USA. Easy to use, theyll increase your catch. You can use them to slow troll, flip, Carolina rig or for casting and retrieving. Weedless design allows for working heavy cover. Per two. Made in USA. Size: 6-1/4. Colors: (026)Bruised Banana, (056)Crawfish, (126)Grape/Firetail, (206)Black, (306)Black/Twist, (456)Green Pumpkin Splash, (520)Sweet Potato, (526)Pumpkinseed Green, (706)Plum, (906)Nightcrawler, (926)Houdini, (928)Merthiolate. Color: Green. Type: Worms. - $4.99


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