Ike-Con 2-1/2 P-Wee Worm 3-Pack - Black/Chartreuse - $3.99

Ike-Cons P-Wee pre-rigged, scented worms are great for panfish and convenient for an easy day on the water just tie on and start fishing. Each is rigged with two No. 8 hooks to catch more short-striking fish. Per 3. Made in USA. Size: 2-1/2. Colors: (003)Black, (007)Lime Green/Chartreuse Tip, (013)Real Nightcrawler, (053)Chartreuse Twist,(078)Watermelon/Chartreuse, (129)White/Chartruese, (130)Grape/Fire Tip, (264)Electric Blue/White Tip, (274)Black/Chartreuse Tip, (355)Red Twist, (526)Pink Pearl, (672)Craw Fish, (928)Pink Fry. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Worms. - $3.99


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