Hyperlite Eden Womens Wakeboard - $149.99

Hyperlite Eden Womens Wakeboard - You don't have to learn how to ride the Hyperlite Eden Wakeboard. This wakeboard is easy to ride based on its shape and performs just how any rider of any skill level will want it to ride. The Eden is shaped differently from edge to edge that helps you compensate for edging, jumping and landing on toeside edges. A 3-stage rocker in the Eden will give you great pop off the wake to give you the air you desire to pull off some really sick tricks and will still be a smooth carving wakeboard. Great for beginners or those looking to advance their skills the Hyperlite Eden Wakeboard is the choice for summertime fun out on the water. Features: Toe Side/Heel Side Specific Edges. Construction: Monocoque, Length: 125-135cm, What Binding is Included?: None, Fin Configuration: 1.3in Disorder, Weight Range: up to 130lbs (@125cm) / up to 155lbs (@130cm) / 145lbs and up (@135cm), Rocker Type: 3 Stage, Edge: Custom, Rocker: 2.4in (@125cm) / 2.5in (@130cm) / 2.6in (@135cm), Stance Width: 19-23in (@130cm), Bindings Included: No, Board Width: 16.4in (@130cm), Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 262060, Model Number: 23530010, GTIN: 0054065591157 - $149.99


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