Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Gallows Electronic Predator Call - $499.99

Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, the Johnny Stewart Gallows Electronic Predator Call from Hunter's Specialties makes one of the best values available to predator hunters. This 3-mode calling unit includes Standard Mode, which plays precisely as recorded, sound shuffle mode, which randomly shuffles sound segments of the original loop, so critters won't get conditioned or educated to repeated sounds; and custom sequence mode, which plays sounds in a sequence programmed by the user. The Gallows comes with 75 authentic Johnny Stewart sounds, including 12 sound presets on the remote and 12 sound presets on the base unit. This innovative predator call can even play 2 sounds simultaneously. The Gallows features an integrated GPS and the remote operates from up to 300 yards from the base unit. Call operates in all audio formats, including 24 bit and 32 bit and has 4 GB of internal storage. The keypad and base have an LCD display with real-time clock, stand timer, and power save. The volume selection of 0-50 can be adjusted while in mute. The omni-directional speaker sets the standard in sound sensitivity and frequency range from low to highs. Uses 8 AA or 8 C cell batteries (not included). Patent pending.Manufacturer model #: JS3.Comes with 75 Johnny Stewart authentic sounds. Play 2 sounds simultaneously. Customize sounds with 3 different playing modes. Omni-directional speaker capable of a high frequency range. Uses 8 AA or 8 C cell batteries - $499.99


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