Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Bloodhound Electronic Predator Call - $279.99

Bring predators to you with the Johnny Stewart Bloodhound Electronic Predator Call from Hunter's Specialties. This sophisticated electronic call system comes pre-loaded with 50 time-tested Johnny Stewart animal sounds and a USB connection to download more calls easily. A wireless remote system with a range of 200 yards makes operation easy. Utilize the Bloodhound's proven pre-loaded calls 1 at a time on continuous play or play 2 calls at the same time for unique calling scenarios. The call's powerful omni-directional speaker reaches out when you need it to while giving you wonderful volume control with a 0-50 adjustable volume. The Bloodhound also features 2 GB of internal memory with four programming presets, external audio jack, LCD display with real-time clock, stand timer, and power save. Uses 8 AA or 8 C cell batteries (not included). 2 year manufacturer's warranty.Manufacturer style #: JS-2.Superior predator call sound from the Johnny Stewart experts. Pre-loaded with 50 proven calls. Plays 2 calls simultaneously2 GB of internal memory with four programming presets. USB connection for downloading more calls. Wireless remote with 200 yard range. Powerful omni-directional speaker and adjustable volume External audio jack. LCD display with real-time clock. Stand timer. Power save feature. Uses either 8 AA or 8 C cell batteries (not included)Johnny Stewart Calls. A name synonymous with a tradition of excellence, Johnny Stewart sounds have been the standard by which all other wildlife sounds are measured for over 50 years. Starting in the early 1960?s, Stewart recorded the first-ever wild rabbit sounds. With Stewart's son, Gerald, carrying on the tradition, only sounds of the highest quality are allowed to carry the Johnny Stewart name. From records to cassettes and CDs, and now digital sounds, you know you are hearing true animal sounds. When you?re looking for the best sounds backed by years of success, don?t settle for a substitute, depend on Johnny Stewart Wildlife Sounds and Calls. - $279.99


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