H.S. Strut Dead Strut Kit - Cherry - $24.99

H.S. Strut put the Dead Strut Kit together so you can pattern your shotgun, get out in the field and effectively call in your trophy gobbler. The Dead Hooks Glass Turkey Call produces exceptional, high-pitch quality hen sounds with excellent volume to drive toms crazy. The easy-to-use Nasty Spur Box Turkey Call is equipped with select cherry and poplar paddles. This versatile call brings those strutters in close with its top-notch turkey sounds. Waterproof for years of hunting performance. Elastic strap keeps call quiet during transport. TheH.S. Strut Carbon Striker features a wood handle and carbon shaft. The final item is the Dead Strut Turkey Targets. These six paper targets (11H x 11W) feature an undead-looking turkey to pattern your shotgun. Made in USA. Dead Strut Kit includes: Dead Hooks Call, Nasty Spur Box Call, Carbon Striker and Dead Strut Turkey Targets. Color: Cherry. - $24.99


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