Hunter Safety System Treestand Lifeline - $44.99

Keep yourself safe when getting in or out of your treestand with the Lifeline from Hunter Safety System. A great safety solution for hunters, this easy to use system makes it easy to attach your harness tether to the Lifeline's HSS-Recon carabiner and slide the Prusik knot around the 28' safety rope up or down as you ascend or descend. Carabiners come with HSS-Cowbell sound dampener cover to keep the carabiner quiet if it accidentally bumps into the stand's ladder or other metal. Safety rope includes reflective material that shines bright in the slightest flashlight beam for easier stand location in low-light conditions. Manufacturer model #: LLS+.Helps ensure safe trip to or from a treestand. Easy to use - connect harness tether to carabiner and slide Prusik knot up or down28' safety rope with integrated reflective material - easy to find. HSS-Recon carabiners with HSS-Cowbell sound dampener cover - quiet - $44.99


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