Humanoid Wake Butter Stick Wakesurfer - $199.99

Humanoid Wake Butter Stick Wakesurfer - The Humanoid Wake Butter Stick Wakesurfer is built with many great features that maximize its performance on the water.For starters, you'll have the EPX2 Epoxy Surf Construction which is a high-quality foam, resin and cloth providing excellent buoyancy, a lively feel and a smooth ride. You'll have an awesome surfing experience rail-to-rail on the Butter Stick. A Hand Shaped Design means effortless turn initiation and more responsiveness. With EVA Traction you'll have an excellent grip on the board and an Integrated Kicktail gives you a strong foothold so you can snap the carves with greater performance.If you want something smooth, something fun and something that can handle the big wake barrels then you'll want something like this Humanoid Wake Butter Stick Wakesurfer. . Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Number: H512-0, Product ID: 380858, Model Year: 2012 - $199.99


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