HQ ISSUE 4000W Gas Generator - $459.99

Ignition at the touch of your finger! Pressing the remote will bring your HQ ISSUE 4000W Generator to life. Use the included wheel kit to get your Generator where you need it. No one could ask for electricity to be any simpler. All HQ ISSUE Generators are equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulators to ensure maximum protection for your appliances as well as your generator. By regulating the level of voltage in an alternating system (AC) to a narrower range of output, the AVR protects any parts of your systems that might be damaged by surges or drops in voltage or power, particularly during the start-up of your appliances when the maximum voltage and power are required. The AVR ensures a constant quality and quantity of voltage is supplied to protect the appliances and system.Total Harmonic Distortion.Generators supply voltage and amperage as sine-wave-shaped energy. As devices are connected to the generator, the sine-wave-shaped energy is disrupted. Measurement of this disruption is know as total harmonic distortion. The lesser the percentage of total harmonic distortion, the greater the generators ability to smoothly power a load. Sensitive electronics may malfunction or fail to operate when powered by a generator with a total harmonic distortion greater than 5% while the upper limit for clean electricity is usually 6%. The use of a generator with a high total harmonic distortion can reduce the life of an electrical appliance, often voiding the appliances warranty. HQ ISSUE Generators utilize multiple power slots, 100% copper windings, and welded magnetic plates to produce a maximum total harmonic distortion of 5%, safely powering all sensitive electronics at home or on the job site.More features, more benefits.Constructed with all the bells and whistles you desire in your generator, the HQ ISSUE 4000E doesnt disappoint. With a run time of 12 hours at 50% load, youll spend less time refilling and more time doing what you enjoy. You can easily start your gener - $459.99


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