Howie's Howie Fly - Blue/Black - $6.19

The Howie Fly has been setting and breaking salmon, trout and steelhead records for over 30 years. This is the original that set the standard. Attach it to a downrigger, dipsy, wire line, planer board or lead-core line and troll between 2.5-3.5 mph for optimum fish-producing results. Per each. Colors: (004)Glitter Green, (006)Glitter Pearl, (007)Glitter Purple/Blue/Black, (011)Powder Blue, (017)Glitter Green/Silver, (018)Glitter Aqua, (022)Glow, (023)Little Boy Blue, (036)Glow/Blue, (037)Glow/Aqua, (038)Glow Black/Little Boy Blue, (049)Double Aqua, (060)Bloody Minnow, (071)Glow/Powder Blue, (073)Glow/Little Boy Blue, (084)Aqua Frog. Color: Blue/Black. Type: Flies. - $6.19


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