Hot Chillys La Montana Zip-T Panel Womens Long Underwear Top - $29.92

Hot Chillys La Montana Zip-T Panel Womens Long Underwear Top - Hot Chilly's warmest base layer on the market today. The Hot Chillys La Montana Zip-T Panel Womens Long Underwear is a mid-weight, body fit, base layer that has an anatomical fit, stretches and moves with each of your moves for all of your winter outdoor and indoor sporting needs. Micro-Elite Chamois is the ticket if you are looking for versatility. The materials used for this incredible La Montana Panel Zip-T is the brushed MTF polyester fleece with antimicrobial polyester. Great for layering during the winter months and the Fall. The construction and design is unique and ideal for the individual that demands the warmest possible under garment for winter or high mountain sports. This La Montana Zip T-Panel has UPF 40+ (ultraviolet protection factor) provides the protection from the suns harmful rays. To keep you fresh OBP (odor blocking properties) have been added so no one will be able to tell or know that you have been working so hard in the black diamond runs, in the park or on your technique. This non-abrasive, soft feeling yarns used are the ideal base layer to keep you covered all winter long. Features: Lightly Sanded for Comfort and Performance, UPF 40+, Ultraviolet Protection Factor, Two Sided Fleece That Stretches and Moves With Your Every Move, Warmth Factor Rating 10 out of 10, Moisture Transport Technology to Keep Skin Dry and to Promote Warmth, Moisture Transfer Fiber Gussets in Underarms. Fit: Tight, Warranty: Lifetime, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Mid, Type: Top, Neck: Zip, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 116949, Model Number: HC4039 101 S - $29.92


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