Hornady SST-ML Low Drag Lock-N-Load Speed Sabots with Flex Tip Technology - $14.99

Loaded with Hornadys premium SST-ML bullet, the innovative Lock-N-Load Speed Sabot is the closest thing you can have to a cartridge for your muzzleloader. The unique tail section enables you to lock three Pyrodex or Triple Seven pellets directly to the projectile for faster and more convenient loading. In addition to this ultra-fast loading, the sabot engages the rifling of fast-twist barrels much better than ordinary lead bullets for accuracy far surpassing traditional projectiles. Tail can be trimmed to fit only two pellets if your muzzleloader performs best with 100-grain charges. Per 10. ATTENTION: Residents of DC and MA please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any shot or bullet products. Type: Sabot. - $14.99


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