Hornady Muzzleloader Cleaner and Multi Lube - $7.99

The name says it all with One Shot. Keep your muzzleloader in top condition quickly and easily. Both of these products are chemically engineered to work in conjunction with each other.Available: The Muzzleloader Cleaner and Protectant is a start-to-finish solution that quickly cleans and protects your muzzleloading firearm. The technologically advanced solvents break down and neutralize black-powder and black-powder substitutes, and rapidly dissolve carbon fouling - the first stop in preventing rust in the bore. It leaves the bore protected with an anticorrosion compound that prevents rust from forming. Also, it's a great final wipe-down product that leaves surfaces clean and protected without marring stock finished or harming plastics. Spray a little on some patches in a sealable bag, and they'll be ready for use in the field. The Muzzleloader Multi-lube and Protectant prevents breech plugs from seizing by keeping fouling soft even after extended periods of firing. It is completely water and humidity proof, protecting your muzzleloader in even the most extreme weather conditions. Color: Multi. Type: Cleaning Accessory. - $7.99


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