Hornady HAP Competition Handgun Ammo - $89.99

Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) handgun ammo from Hornady takes the performance of the proven XTP bullet and refined it to create the perfect competition round. HAP bullets do away with the XTP's expansion aiding skives and cannelure, leaving only a smooth, smooth, straight flying exterior with top concentricity. This sleek copper jacket also protects the nose of the bullet, eliminating possible jams that can cost a competitive shooter a match. The HAP's cold swaged lead core provides consistent balance and stability in flight. All the features combine to deliver peak, pinpoint accuracy on every shot.Precision accuracy and performance. Modeled after Hornady's performance XTP bullet design, minus folds and cannelure. Sleek, balanced jacket with protected nose for consistent and reliable feeding. Combines top concentricity with precision swaged cores. Consistent balance and stability in flight for peak, pinpoint accuracy on every shot - $89.99