Hornady Custom Rifle Ammunition Per Box - $19.99

Supercharge the performance of your favorite hunting rifle! Hornady has developed an innovative powder blend to gain up to an additional 200 fps from every Superformance caliber. The result is reduced wind drift, superior accuracy and more energy delivered on target all with no increase in recoil or muzzle blast. Capitalize on the new propellant blend with the trusted Dangerous Game ammo. Both the DGS (Solid) and DGX (Expandable) bullets are made of hard lead/antimony alloy surrounded by a copper-clad steel jacket for maximum penetration and energy transfer. Increased-velocity Superformance loads have flatter trajectories and extreme penetration. From 9.3x62 to .458 Winchester Magnum, this ammo packs powerful performance without the top-shelf price. Per 20. Type: Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. - $19.99


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