Hornady 7mm .284 Diameter Rifle Bullets - $27.99

Hornady 7mm bullets come in a variety of models to meet your needs. Select models have Hornadys exclusive InterLock ring to ensure perfect expansion without jacket/core separation, making an excellent hunting bullet. The 139-grain Hornady SST (Super Shock Tipped) bullets are an exceptional bullet for deer-size game. The SSTs sharp polymer tip was designed to shift the bullets center of gravity, improving its ballistic coefficient for higher accuracy. The 162-grain A-MAX boasts the Ultra-Low Drag tip for the ultimate match bullet. Interbond bullets are made with a proprietary bonding process and an expansion control ring that locl the jacket and core together into a single mass that retains 90% of its weight at impact. Per 100. Type: Rifle Bullets. - $27.99


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