Hoppe s On The Go Gun Kit - $27.88

Perfect for on-the-go hunters and shooters, this value-packed kit contains all the components youll need to keep your firearms in peak condition. It includes a 4-oz. bottle of Hoppes Elite gun cleaner an odorless, colorless solvent that outperforms virtually every cleaner currently on the market. A 2-oz. bottle of Hoppes Elite Gun Oil G3 provides long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. For the field or range, the kit includes four each: Elite Gun Oil and Elite Gun Cleaner single-use packs. Also includes: T-handle cleaning rod; five phosphorus brushes (three rifle/two shotgun); M-16/AR nylon brush; foam cleaning pad; lint-free cleaning rag; and cleaning patches. Its all packed in a lockable hard case thats built to travel. Imported. - $27.88


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