Hi Mountain Breakfast Sausage Seasonings Kit - Sage - $7.99

Enhance your homemade breakfast sausage with the delicious blend of spices in Hi Mountains Breakfast Seasonings Kit. Each kit seasons one pound of meat at a time, and is designed for use with pork, or a combination of pork with beef or venison. Available: Chorizo (seasons 24 lbs.), Sweet Italian (seasons 24 lbs.), Maple (seasons 24 lbs.) (not shown), Original (seasons 24 lbs.)(not shown), Buckboard Bacon Cure (seasons 24 lbs.)(not shown), Prairie Sage Breakfast (seasons 24 lbs.)(not shown), Hunters Blend Breakfast (seasons 20 lbs). Color: Sage. Type: Seasonings & Spices. - $7.99


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