Hevi-Shot Hevi-13 Turkey Loads - Per 5 - $22.99

Environmentally friendly loads that are downright unfriendly to gobblers in the zone. Buffered and moly-coated pellets produce a denser pattern than conventional shot. Hevi-Shot broke the World Record with a pattern that scored 42 pellet holes in a 3 circle at 40 yards, and holds world record titles in every class! It also delivers 20% more knockdown energy and up to 40% longer range than lead shells. HEVI-13 pellets are about 20% denser than lead and penetrate far deeper. This greater downrange energy gives you the lethal edge on turkeys. With its awesome density advantage, you can use smaller pellet sizes and dramatically increase your pellet count on target. In addition to more knockdown energy and penetration, HEVI-13s irregular pellet shapes cause a halo of tissue damage far greater than lead. These shape modifications allow them to slice through air and birds by reducing the boundary layer in air that slows shapes down. 5 shells per box. Made in USA. Type: Turkey Loads. - $22.99


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