Heddon Super Spook - Black/Chartreuse - $7.59

Often imitated, impossible to duplicate, the Super Spook is just as deadly as the original Zara Spook introduced decades ago. Oversized eyes and the trademark walk-the-dog action make everything from bass to redfish attack with a vengeance. Fish dont simply bite a Super Spook, they attack it. Per each. Size: 5, 7/8 oz. Colors: (001)Nickel,(020)Chartreuse, (024)Black/Chartreuse/Gold Insert, (026)Spectrum, (038)Florida Bass, (064)Lake Fork Shad, (106)Bleeding Shiner, (117)Clear, (224)Oakie Shad, (402)Clown, (425)Foxy Shad, (542)Bone. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Topwater Spooks. - $7.59


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