Heat Pouch - $14.95

It has been a long cold day out there on the trail, and the last thing you want is to still be cold at camp during dinner. Curl up with your favorite meal after your long hikes and keep them warm with the Heat Pouch. Katadyn and Optimus have teamed up to create a Heat Pouch to ensure your food is always piping hot; down to the last bite. PRODUCT FEATURES: With the new Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch, you will eat your food as hot as it has been cooked The Optimus (H)EAT allows you to keep your meals hot to the very last morsel even while outdoors No matter how foul the weather is, the convenient slip-in side pockets protect your hands against the wind and cold while keeping your food warm. 8018269 , Katadyn Heat Pouch , backpacking gear , camping cooking equipment , camp cooking equipment , camping cooking , outdoor cooking equipment , camping cooking gear , camping cooking utensils , camp cooking , cooking equipment , camping oven , camp cooking utensils , camping and cooking , camping cooking supplies , camping equipment , camp cooking gear , cooking outdoors , camping cook gear , cooking equipment for camping , camping equipment stores , cook equipment , camping clearance , camping equipment cooking , camping cook set , discount camping equipment , camping equipment list , camp cooking stoves , camping gear , camping supplies , camp chef , best camping cooking gear , outdoor cooking , camp cooking supplies , campfire cooking , cheap camping equipment , camp stove , hiking gear , camping stove , camping cooking ideas , camping cookware , katadyn , optimus , katadyn cooking equipment , katadyn backpacking cooking gear , optimus backpacking cooking gear , katadyn camping gear , optimus camping gear - $14.95


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