Hard Core Blue Goose 2 in 1 Floater Decoy - $99.99

A versatile decoy design that works for all hunting situations, the Hard Core Blue Goose 2-in-1 Floater Decoys add true-to-life realism to any spread. One of Hard Core's 2-in-1 decoy designs, these decoys feature removable keels that let you use the decoys in deep water, at the shoreline, or in the field. Sporting fully flocked heads and realistic feather detail, Blue 2-in-1 floaters also feature Hard Core's angled paint process for a superior realistic look. Built to last for many seasons, these decoys utilize Hard Core's Armor Coated Paint process (A.C.P.) for superior durability. 4 pack includes 1 stubby sentry, 1 resting sentry, 1 super sentry, 1 greeter.Versatile blue goose decoy design for all hunting situations. Removable keels - use in deep water, shorelines, or on land. Fully flocked heads and realistic feather detail. Armor Coated Paint process - extreme durability. Angled paint process - true-to-life look4 pack includes stubby sentry, resting sentry, super sentry, and greeter - $99.99


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