Guide Gear 15-lb. Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer - $229.99

Large 15-lb. capacity meat processing. Nothing beats homemade. Now nab this big capacity 15-lb. Sausage Stuffer to manhandle those large sausage making tasks. No surprises! You create the mouthwatering meat mixtures. Only you know exactly what topnotch ingredients go in because you're the captain in charge. No depending on what the local butcher shop decides to toss in.Do-in-yourself budget-conscious solution for big-time sausage-making operations!Crank out the good stuff. Now you can create old family sausage recipes just the way you like them. This large capacity, 15-lb. performance Stuffer by Guide Gear turns your work space into an efficient meat processing area. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Add just the tasty ingredients you want to make delicious at-home sausage for less than what they charge at the store or local butcher shop. Mmmm!Check out the list of A-1 features:Removable stainless steel cylinder for easy filling and quick cleaning18/10 stainless steel cylinder is dishwasher safe8 1/2" wide cylinder is a great way for feeding ground meat into the funnelHeavy-duty unit manhandles 15 lbs. of meat for big-time sausage makingFood-grade plastic piston with built-in pressure release valveEvenly releases sausage into your casing without "blowouts", ripping or breaking openFood-grade plastic is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and holds up to years of serviceLarge manual crank handle for ease of useDurable internal metal gears for long lifeUpright design utilizes gravity for efficient stuffing Large, heavy-duty base will not tip over, has counter suction cups to keep it stationaryIncludes 3 stuffing tube diameters: small (13mm or 3/8"), medium (16mm or 3/4") or large (19mm or 11/8")Measures 12" x 9 1/2" x 15 1/2"h., 33 lbs.Order this large capacity workhorse for years of top-quality sausage making! Built to Sportsman's Guide's exact specifications, Guide Gear stands for dependability, long-lasting quality and unmatched value! Guaranteed! - $229.99


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