Guard Dog Knightro Rechargeable 8-million Volt Stun Gun with Built-in 300-lumen Tactical Flashlight - $69.99

Guard Dog Knightro Rechargeable 8-millon Volt Stun Gun with Built-in 300-lumen Tactical Flashlight. A 3-in-1 self-defense tool. Trusted by security professionals worldwide, this Guard Dog Knightro Stun Gun can stop thugs and would-be attackers 3 different ways. When they're far away blind 'em with the powerful 300-lumen beam. If that doesn't scare 'em off, a powerful 8,000,000 volt is sure to knock 'em off their feet. And if the you-know-what really hits the fan, the durable aircraft-grade type III aluminum body can be used as a baton. Guard Dog has been making high-quality Stun Guns for a long time, and this Knightro is no exception. Features:Aircraft-grade type III aluminum body for durability Ergonomic design for comfort Can be used as a baton for self-defense Emergency glass breaker bezel Rechargeable battery with charger Includes holster for easy transport Flashlight features:300-lumen output 5 modes: ultra bright (300 lumens), high (150 lumens), low (35 lumens), emergency strobe (300 lumens), and S.O.S. (300 lumens) Can be seen up to 200 yards Stun gun features:Produces an 8,000,000 volt zap No visible prongs On / off safety switch so you don't accidentally discharge it. - $69.99


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