GT Lite 2 In 1 Cree LED 200 Lumen Slyde Work Light and 250 Lumen Flashlight with Magnetic Base - $24.99

GT-Lite 2-In-1 Cree LED 200-lumen Slyde Work Light / 250-lumen Flashlight with Magnetic Base. With you through whatever. 2 is better than 1. Whether you're checking your house for pests or an alley for zombies, this flashlight has you covered. The 250-lumen flashlight illuminates a focused beam of light up to 350 feet, so you can see what is in front of you or coming toward you. By simply pushing a button, you will activate the 200-lumen SlydeTM work light which brightens up an area, to see how many are chasing you. If you need both hands, simply place the magnetic base against metal and you're free to get your escape vehicle repaired. Plus, it's impact resistant to keep it working in rough conditions, and weatherproof to be used in whatever nature throws at you. If this can survive a zombie attack, your hunting, fishing or camping trip should be easy. Lighting your way: Up to 250-lumen output and 350 feet distance 1.5-hour runtime 2-in-1 lantern plus flashlight Weatherproof for versatility Impact resistant for durability Magnetic base for convenience Order yours today! - $24.99


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