GrovTec Sling Swivels - $9.99

Ergonomic steel sleeves ensure a solid fit and in-the-field control. Made in USA. Available: Locking Swivels Fit any standard swivel stud. Per 2. Ruger Carbines, Automatic and Single Shot Forend adapter fits 10/22, .44 Mag. and No. 3 carbines. 1 loops. Two-Piece Barrel Bands Fits Browning and Ruger models and .410 shotguns. Wood-Screw Forend For bolt-action rifles. Machine-Screw Forend For bolt-action rifles. Swivels for Shotguns A simple modification to a magazine cap allows mounting on most pumps and semiautomatics. Not for use with Ithaca 37, Savage 30, Sears 21 or 30, Stevens pumps or Winchester 1400. 1 loops. Type: Swivels. - $9.99


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