Grande Bass Mega Claw - Purple - $4.99

Irresistible to bass, its living, breathing action makes it one of the most realistic crawfish-style baits on the market. Fish it alone or as a jig trailer, and the two huge pinchers and appendages flap wildly on the fall and as it swims through water. Super-realistic rib design holds air and releases air bubbles in action and while motionless. Per 7. Size: 4-1/2. Colors: (202)Green Pumpkin Gold Purple, (209)Green Pumpkin, (210)Watermelon Red, (211)Green Pumpkin Party, (215)Watermelon Candy Red, (244)Blue Fleck, (575)Falcon Lake Craw, (588)Bad Okee Craw, (592)Bad Alabama Craw. Color: Purple. - $4.99


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