GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition - $299.99

There comes a time for everyone where it's time to trade up on your gear. Then again, since you're here right now, we don't really have to tell you that. Maybe you're looking for the sake of professionalism, or maybe it's just so that you won't get laughed off of the mountain, but if you're not running the GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition, your edits simply won't be relevant. Faster, lighter, and loaded to the gills with every function that you've been pining for, the Hero3 Silver Edition has finally arrived. Just looking at the external appearance of the GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition, the difference in iterations couldn't be more night and day. The camera has been reduced in size by 30%, and the camera weight was reduced by 25%. In fact, the Hero3 tips the scales at an alarmingly low 2.6 ounces. The camera body has received a black backing treatment, and the front now boasts a more accessible and progressive user interface. And GoPro didn't simply stop redesigning at the camera body, the new external housing not only bolsters the durability of the body, but it's also fully-waterproof at depths up to 197' (60m). Now, let's get into the guts of the Hero3. The lens makes use of a new flat design with a waterproof housing. It's what GoPro calls a six-element aspherical lens. What does this mean Simply put, the lens has been designed to operate evenly across more light conditions than ever before. For the camera nerds; it's an f/2.8 - 6.0 lens. So, you'll experience sharper image quality whether it's blisteringly bright or the sun has nearly disappeared. And in low-light conditions, specifically, you can expect twice the light performance in comparison to the Hero2. The new lens also allows Ultra-wide, Medium, and Narrow field of view modes, and you can operate the White Balance in either auto or manual modes (3000k, 5500k, 6500k, Cam Raw). Now, you can expect crystal clear resolution from sunrise to sunset. - $299.99


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