GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition - $349.99

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition - This year the GoPro Hero+3 Black Edition boasts a ton of improvements so you have greater quality, performance and features. Each year it seems these GoPros evolve to a new level of performance. First off, it's 20% smaller and lighter than last year which means you will barely feel it on your helmet and it won't get in the way when you're in tight spots like dodging tree branches. You'll have a SuperView Video Mode which gives you a wide angle perspective so you can capture the whole picture of what you're embarking on. The Hero+3 has an Auto Low Light which will adjust the frame rate so you have the best picture in low light. With a 25% longer battery life that means you'll get to spend 25% more time out there shooting your moves. With upgraded audio performance, every one will get to your screams as you barrel down the mountain. Just tell them they are screams of excitement and not fear. With a waterproof housing, quick release buckle and adhesive mounts, the GoPro Hero+3 Camera is simply unbeatable. Features: Auto Low Light, 33% Improved Image Sharpness and Reduced Distortion, 25% Longer Battery Life, Upgraded Audio Performance, 131'/40m Waterproof Housing, WiFi Remote, Higher Capacity Li-ion Battery. Warranty: Other, Special Features: SuperView Video Mode, Race: No, Category: Helmet Cams, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 334917, Model Number: CHDHX-302, GTIN: 0818279010817 - $349.99


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