Good Directions American Flag Weathervane - $239.99

Express your patriotism. Ideal for your house, barn, garage, or cupola. Made of durable copper and brass. Fully functional work of art. A great gift for enthusiasts of Americana or history buffs. Add some old time American patriotism to your home by having a Good Directions American Flag Weathervane spin on the rooftop of your garage or barn, or on a traditional, ventilation cupola. Sculpted to resemble the 13-star American flag flown in the late 1700's, this unique weathervane symbolizes American freedom and our nation's origins. Made of copper and brass by skilled artisans, this flag weathervane is an ornamental work of art, as well as a highly functional instrument to show you the direction of the wind. The flag, directionals and spacer balls are all made of copper and brass, for beauty and longevity; the polished copper weathervane will develop an attractive patina over time. The Good Directions American Flag Weathervane makes a great gift for Americana enthusiasts and those with great respect for American freedom. Measures: 31L x 25H.Manufacturer model #: 667P.Good Directions Full-Size Weathervane Roof Mount is sold separately and can be found through item search for number 1391476 - $239.99


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